Demo Single Package


How often does one song  create a strong artist-audience bond ? All the time…

Have you prepared a special surprise for your followers? Need to do it quickly ? Count on Nomad ! We are ready to receive your recorded files and make that single happen.

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This package is exactly what you need: professional mixing & mastering services for 25 €. Almost unreal ! (2 revisions)

We only receive the maximum number of 20 tracks. The whole song should last 5 minutes maximum.


All recorded audio is sent to our computers: AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB of DDR4 SSD RAM, and high-speed SSD storage drives. We own the best plugin technology on the market: Waves, FabFilter, Izotope, Ozone 9, and a wider, etc.

Thanks to the latest solutions in modeling amplification technology you will receive an amazing audio production: Kemper Profiling Studio, Line 6 Helix, Neural DSP, STL Tones, and a long, etc too. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, well you are lucky because we have thousands of IR impulses within the most advanced technology on the market: Ownhammer, GGD Cabs, Panda, etc.


Nomad Music Accepted Credit Cards

100% Safe & Secure


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