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I´m the guitarist you need to record your music ! Professional guitarist with 10 years of experience. I cover almost any style from rock to pop music and also acoustic stuff. I would be glad to chat with you before placing your order and we may come up together with the best possible solution for your song. I will propose my arrangements starting from scratch ideas and chords progressions or reference tracks, music sheets, or tabs. My mission: give you the best sound your productions deserve. I’m not happy until you’re happy!


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Full multitrack recordings for special productions requirements are mixed with Cubase PRO 10.5 

If you don’t require a Direct Input signal & Amp/fx tracks to re-amp later using a traditional interface, please notify me before I start to record. Instead, I will record using two different microphones: a Shure SM57 & a SM58 but it would cost an extra 10 €.

All my guitar recordings, no matter if I use interface or microphones, will be mixed utilizing a wide variety of techniques and plugins to achieve the sound you want (inspired by any other band, guitarist, or your own)

  • Delivery: 3 labor days
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • HQ Audio File (delivery is always 48 kHz 24 Bit)
  • Commercial use with a co-owner agreement
  • Number of seconds: 300 per song

*For extra 10 € recorded live session in HD video quality edited in Davinci Resolve Studio.


Marshall Amp Code 100 watts with screen 2×12 Celestion + pedalboard – guitar modeler

Selected preamplifiers:

JTM45 2245 (Blues Rock – Eric Clapton) 1962 Bluesbreaker (Blues Rock and British Classical Rock – Gary Moore)/ 1959SLP Plexi (British Hard Rock – AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and even Jimmy Hendrix)/ JCM800  (Hard Rock – Metal – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, White Snake, Anthrax, Motley Crue, Rage Against & the Machine, Zakk Wylde) /JCM Silver Jubilee (used by Guns & Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Velvet Revolver, Rush and The Black Crowes) / JCM2000 (Nile, Slayer, and Iced Earth) / DSL100 (Jeff Beck & Gary Holt) / JVM410H (Children of Bodom, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi and Joe Satriani)

Power Amplifiers: EL34 / 5881 / EL84 / 6L6

Columns: 1960 / 1960V / 1960AX / 1960HW / 1936 / 1936V / 1912 / 1974X

Amp Equipment for Basic Recordings Nomad Music


Guitar Nomad Music

NUX MG-300 

Modeling guitar amp and multi-effects NUX MG-300

guitar audio interface Nomad Music


microphones for instrument recordings Nomad Music

Before placing your order please  leave me a message in the field below. Thank you for considering me  your guitarist !


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