Session Drummer


Drum tracks +1 REVISION (up to 4 mins) 

I will record drums for your song and send to you 15 recorded HQ individual wav files (raw) PLUS one revision. Before placing your order please read all the information below and contact me to discuss in details your project, how would you like me to help you and confirm my availability.


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I can record every genre of music!

Gig Details: I will record live acoustic drums for your song in my studio with high quality gear. The audio files which I will be sending you are wav (48 kHz, 24 bit). My package include HQ individual wav RAW drums recordings.

Raw Track List (15 channels):

  1. Kick In
  2. Kick Out
  3. Snare Top
  4. Snare Bottom
  5. Rack Tom 10″
  6. Rack Tom 12″
  7. Floor Tom 14″
  8. Floor Tom 16″
  9. Hi Hat
  10. Ride
  11. China
  12. Overhead L
  13. Overhead R
  14. Room L
  15. Room R

Before placing your order please  leave me a message in the field below. Thank you for considering me  your drummer !


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