Session Bassist

30,00 (+ tax)

Up to 5:00 minutes of Creative A Class Bass Recording

I have been playing bass for 10 years and I love to collaborate on creative projects with people who are STOKED what they are making !  I specialize in all complex styles, even those extreme, heavy and chaotic. Let me help you to make your art the best it can be. Before placing your order, please read all the information below and contact me to discuss in details your project, how would you like me to help you and confirm my availability.

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                                                                                   100% Safe & Secure


I own six string and four string basses, can accommodate any tuning, read tabs, or learn your song by ear. I can play finger-style or with a pick. I got a rich bass sound that is perfect for any artists wanting to get awesome bass lines on their music and take it to the next level. I’m proficient sight reader and composer, writing many sections by myself for other artists. If you’re struggling with a part, melody or chord sequence I will be able to help.

3 Days Delivery with 1 revision
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial use with co-owner agreement
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Commercial use with co-owner agreement
  • DI track
  • Wet Mixed DI track
  • Re-amped track


Before placing your order please  leave me a message in the field below. Thank you for considering me  your bassist !



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