Easy Band Package


This package is for those rock singers struggling to find the right musicians. Don’t stop and record that amazing song, E.P, or album that you already have written. Every instrumental rock song would be ready in 5 labors. This package includes mixing and mastering. Before placing your order please contact me to talk about the details and what you got. Send me your song singing alone if you want & I’ll do the magic.

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Nomad Music Home Studio Recording

Full multitrack recordings are mixed  & mastered with Studio One Presonus. All instrumental files will be recorded as Direct Input signals & Amp/fx tracks to re-amp later using a traditional interface. Please check out the demo below to listen to the quality we offer you…

Specials features of this amazing & affordable package: 

  • Delivery: 7 labor days
  • 1 revision per instrument recorded
  • HQ Audio File (delivery is always 48 kHz 24 Bit)
  • Commercial use with a co-owner agreement
  • Number of seconds: 300 per song
  • Whole song  mixed & mastered
  • 7 Days Delivery
    Nomad Music Accepted Credit Cards

    100% Safe & Secure

    Before placing your order please leave me a message in the field below. Thank you for considering me your online rock composer!



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