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How to make an Artist Website (Why you need to get a good one)

This article is strngly recommended to artists, photographers, songwriters, and creative entrepreneurs wanting to build a website that will be visited by tons of people. 

Should I build my own website?

Yes you should! Internet holds an enormous value for creative individuals. Making a website is the most effective way to market your work and focus your target, build a brand, and sell artwork, products, or services. What’s more, creating a website is create the right place to build your own bussines Online, something that even a kid can do.

Websites for artists and other creative people: why they are important

 If you have an online presence – and your work can be found, ‘shared’, ‘pinned’ or ‘liked’ you can achieve enough level of recognition. A single image or blog post can receive thousands of views in a very short time-frame; be seen by a hugemongous number of prospective clients, admirers, followers and fans. If you are a musician, photographer, songwriter (or any other creative entrepreneur), you need to take all the advantage of the internet resources to create your own website.

Why platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, DeviantArt, Behance and Tumblr are not enough

There are many social media platforms where sharing content is encouraged. These can be helpful for promoting your own work and is only part of your presence in internet. Besides, meeting others with similar interests, gaining feedback, and reaching others via extended social networks. These sites should complement, not replace, your own website. They should be used as a marketing tool to drive traffic to your own website, not as a substitute for it.

* A warning about free website builders / free portfolio websites

Many people search Google looking for the ‘best free website builder for artists’ or a ‘free artist website.’ These can be a suitable option for those who wish to create a website to share with family or friends, or a temporary online portfolio, but they should never be used by someone who is serious about getting their website ranked highly in Google and seen by thousands of people every day. Free builders sites and hosting offer you limitate resources and surely you will be completely ignored in all Google searches due that limitation.

For the best chance of success, you need to create your own original website and here’s the reason why:

1. You need to take total control over the appearance and design. 

Aesthetics is important. Websites should showcase your creative work professionally and communicate style and individuality, helping you to stand out from the crowd. This cannot be achieved with a standard page on a free site, using a template that looks like a million others. With your own website, you can select a great design theme and customize this however you like.

2. You need to have a profesional website name, NOT

A website name is the begining of your brand. With thirty dollars per year you can create the illusion that you are a professional worth investing in. Take your work seriously. With domain names are cheap, so there is no excuse for not having your own.

3. You need to optimize your site to rank it “as high as eagle flies’ in Google.

If you cannot optimize your contents for search engines, your website is left floating alone in the hugemongous cyberspace. People must love your content, but just as important: Google must love it. Google has a secret (and constantly updating) algorithm that they use to determine where websites should appear in the search results. If your website doesn’t make it onto the first page of results, only a tiny percentage of people will ever find it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is impossible on most free websites and social media platforms. To make matters worse, Google knows whether your website is created using a free platform, and may perceive your website accordingly: as less professional, less serious, and less important.

With a free platform, you must work that much harder to convince Google that your content is worth ranking, and, even then, you don’t have the tools to make this easy: you start with a disadvantage. This is  important to consider when deciding whether to create your own professional website.

4. You need your work to be recognized, not lost in the cyberspace’s crowd.

When someone consider buying your artwork on a social media platform, buyers are often distracted by the countless other items showing up in their feed. You want people to be channeled towards your creations, without others competing for attention. On social or community websites, buyers are easily enticed away.

5. You need to control how you make money from your site.

If you have your own website, earning opportunities are controlled entirely by you. You can sell artwork, products, or services directly from the site. You can add advertising, seek sponsors, recommend affiliate products, embed print-on-demand items, or simply concentrate on building your brand, popularity and fame. Generating income from your own website is much easier. If you want to sell artwork online, for example, this can be achieved in a matter of minutes, by adding a ‘buy now’ button beside the work. Alternatively, you can add professional shopping carts or any other commercial feature.

 6. You need to build an email list and make your database

A few years ago, Facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm so that each ‘status update’ made from a Facebook business page was shown only to a small percentage of followers. To have posts shown to more fans, you must now pay money to promote these – even to those people who have chosen to follow your page. As such, the value of having a large Facebook following diminished overnight, crippling many small businesses who relied on Facebook to reach their audience. Similarly, YouTube recently made significant changes to their algorithm, affecting which videos are shown to viewers, making it more difficult for creators to get their videos seen. YouTube also ‘shadowbans’ certain content and demonetizes videos if they deem them to fall outside of their ever-changing guidelines.

Social media platforms are businesses that prioritize their own interests. If you have your own website, you have the option for your audience to safely share their email address with you. This means you don’t need to be at the mercy of third parties: you can contact your followers whenever you like. An email list is an asset that you can backup, giving you direct contact with your audience, no matter what happens. Almost all online entrepreneurs regret not starting an email list sooner. An email sign-up box can be added in a couple of minutes to your own website.

7.  The whole website must be only and totally yours.

When you create a website on a free platform, your website is really a subsection of someone else’s site. Website providers can shut down unexpectedly, taking your content and followers with them. Those who offer free services are particularly vulnerable to collapse. 

Platforms can ban you or delete your files and there is nothing you can do about it. They can suddenly be overtaken by a more successful platform, as happened when Facebook increased in popularity and MySpace dwindled. If you have the potential to create a stunning website, it is too risky for this to be at the mercy of another company. It is too valuable of a resource. You need to create your own website!

So. What is the best way to build an artist website (or any website, for that matter)?

The best way to create your own website is what is known as a self-Hosted WordPress Site. This means a website that is built using WordPress and is stored safely online at a professional web hosting provider of your choosing.

In summary, to create your own website you need three things:

  • An awesome domain name: this is the website name, such as
  • Website hosting: this is a rented space on a large server where you store the website files so that your site can connect to the internet 24/7 
  • A content management system like WORDPRESS software to run your site.

And the most important choice:

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